If you have read any of my other Whimsical’s lately, you’ll know how much I love a story line with adventure and romance. If you haven't and are curious, here are the past Whimsical’s.  Let me just say now, Colleen Houck does not disappoint. Recreated is the second book in the Reawakened series. Recreated is clearly a book by Colleen Houck, as it follows her writing strength of creating this new world and taking her characters on an adventure most would not dare. The imagination that Colleen had to use in order to create this book is outstanding. Recreated takes off where Reawakened left off, with Amon and Lilly separated by worlds. 

   We find Lily Young, a heart broken girl, trying to go back to her every day life in NYC all the while trying to heal a heart that is broken by a death. Her dreams are still filled with Amon and she can sense his pain and suffering in the Netherworld - what we know as hell, but now someone else is in her dreams too. Although Lily has changed, nothing around her has. Her parents still expect their perfect daughter all while getting an emotionally distressed one. In a move to get her parent’s off her back, Lily makes a deal. She’ll go to whatever college they want her to, as long as she can get away and spend the summer with her grandmother. 

   Lily’s summer turns from a busy one on the farm to the hardest quests that she has ever faced. Lily is off on an adventure to save the man she loves from the Netherworld, the only problem is getting there alive herself. That is, if she can recreate herself and convince the gods to help her. 

   While Lily is no longer the Lily we knew, she is still on the same quest to save Amon and bring him back from the netherworld. Accompanied by some surprising friends, Lily battles her way to Amon. Can she make it in time to stop Seth? 

   Ah! I love an adventure packed book and this one was exactly what I was hoping for. In Recreated you meet so many new characters that were hinted at before, all while enjoying some you have already meet. The character build up that Colleen created is amazing, you can picture each god as they are described and get a really sense of what Lily is up against. 
   This book is for anyone who loves an adventure, anyone who is in the process of recreating themselves or their life. This book will transport you to a world that mortals dare not to enter, would you visit the gods? 

There is something about adventure books that draws me in, maybe the adventure, maybe the main character falling in love... who knows! Today's post is about a new series I recently discovered and LOVE! You'll recognize the author, Colleen Houck, the author of the Tiger's Curse series that I just fell in love with. If you haven't read the Whimsical's I did on that series, I'll link them here. When I finished Tiger's Curse, I needed a book series with adventure and love. Reawaken gave me just what I wanted! When I first stated reading Reawakened, I was instantly hooked! 

If a story starts off with a girl trying to become a lady and cultivate poise and manners - I am always hooked. This book started with Lillian Young, an up town New Yorker, trying to please her parents with the right friends, clothes, look, college, and manners. She aimed high on all that she did, trying to cultivate herself into the perfect woman. Our two main characters, Lilly and Amon, meet in the Met as Lillian Young slips into the closed Egyptian section for the quiet. Their first meeting did not go over well, nor did the few meetings that followed. Lillian, or Lilly, eventually came to terms with the man that Amon was saying he was. As fast as the wind can turn sand into a sand storm, Lilly and Amon were off on an adventure to track down his brothers before the sun and moon alined. 

The similarity between this book and the Tiger's Curse series, is the base of both stories. Both have the adventure, the love interest, and the love mess. The main differences between the series were the backgrounds of the characters, their end goals, and the settings. If I would have to choose between either series, I would pick Tiger's Curse, hands down. Because I was looking for a similar series to Tiger's Curse, I was not as disappointed as others may be. I would suggest reading this series, if you too, can't get enough of adventure and love.

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been for me. I can honestly say I wasn’t sure just how I would get everything done that I needed to.As I get back into a regular posting schedule I thought that it would be a great way to kick things off with a post sharing a little behind the scenes of what has been going on during my first week of summer vacation.

As soon as I was done with my final I headed to my future nieces gymnastics class - who happens to be 2 with the cutest set of curls I have ever seen. It was so nice to be able to be able to enjoy the no stress of looming homework. After the class and getting smacked in the face by her baby sister (wouldn’t trade it for anything!) Kolby and I were off to our movie. We decided to see the Huntsman: Winter's War. I thought the movie was good - the costumes were amazing! If you have seen The Huntsmen then I would say you are going to get a step above that but don’t expect too much more. Our Friday wound down to a close sooner than usual due to both of us being exhausted and having early mornings the next day.

This past Sunday was mothers day, so I decided to head off to the beach with my parents to spend the day with them. I truly don't know if there is anything that can beat the Oregon coast. The beach has been a long time favorite for my family and I - it has been years since they have gone to the beach so it was nice to get them back. We made our stop at Mo's of course because when you go to the beach, you just have to stop, it's a PNW thing.

    While we were at Mo's I found this adorable white bunny.

   1. Whose seen a bunny at the beach? I haven't!
   2. Whose seen a white bunny that's not a pet? Me either!

Monday brought me feeling like a grown up. I don't believe I can ever say I have made a more grown up choice than buying a bed, truly. I don't know how many beds we laid on or tried out - but finding that perfect one seemed impossible. When they said they could deliver and take the old one it was music to my ears.

After being an adult for a couple days Kolby brought me back to my childhood and we headed {back, for me}  to the beach... at 5am! Whose bright ideas was it to leave at 5am? Well I wanted to take an early walk on the beach... so I guess you could say mine lol. It was so nice to be back at the beach together and just spend a relaxing day walking around. As nice as it was our time at the beach had to end because we both had work the next day.

This past Friday I finally got to head to a somewhat local book shop with my bestie and pick up Kiera Cass 'The Selection'. I contemplated about picking up the entire series but wanted to see if the it was something I really would be able to get into, and I can! I can't wait to read this book and pick up the others!

Thank you for taking a little look into my week last week. I can't wait to share everything with you and all the new content!

I am so excited to be sharing a new weekly series with you. I can't wait to share with you bits and pieces from my life. This week was my last week of break and sadly I spent it sick. 

My week started on a yummy but sad note.. before getting sick. Being big college football fans, my family has certain football snacks we make and enjoy while watching the game. The Oregon ducks played this past Saturday in the Alamo bowl against TCU. While at the end of the first quarter they were up 31-0, they 'ducked it' and lost the game. Although the game was hard to watch the second quarter, the food we made was absolutely delicious. 

Working at a coffee shop we work early in the morning. This Sunday I had the opening shift and although there was snow warnings, there was no snow in sight... until I walked over to the Shak. The snow came fast and stayed for several days. 

Due to the snow it led me to spend the day inside and indoors. Monday and Tuesday I got a lot of work done around the house. Wednesday tho I was sick in bed.

Thankfully tho, I had my lovely man come and surprise me. He brought all the yummy ingredients for grilled cheese and my favorite, chunky chicken noodle soup. The best part, he laid in bed with me and watched Doc Martin on Netflix. 

I can't believe I am finally sitting down to write this post. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of having a husband. You read that right. I dreamt of the husband, not the wedding. I'll admit that some parts of a wedding I have always dreamt of. I have always been a romantic, watching all those mushy gushy movies on hallmark about someone falling in love with their Mr. Forever. I wanted that, a partner that would stick by me through the good and the bad forever. Someone I could build traditions with and a family. When I thought about the perfect love stroy, I always imagined meeting him in college or after, at a social event. My reality wasn't anything I expected and becasue of that, it was so much more of a gift from God. 

 Kolby and I went to high school together. You would have to ask him  when we officially met. I remember seeing him in the halls, he hung out in the same cirlce as I did but we didn't talk to each other much. To me, he was alwasy the good looking baseball player who just so happend to be into fighting fires. One of those guys you have to say the first and last name of. He's still that guy to me, but now he is so much more. Skip ahead a few years later. Kolby is working construction while I am a college student who took some soul searching time after ending a bad relationship #truth. 

  I was on a soul searching journey that went deep. I pourced my heart into God and he listened. If you ever ask me how I know God is real, I'll tell you this same story. One night I was praying and I asked God not to send any man my way until it was the one I would marry. I knew as soon as I prayed that, that I would be tested from this world. I was tested but nothing happened. Not until Kolby came along. It took two weeks from that prayer until God brought my Mr. Forever into my life again. 

 I sat in my aunts house, who I was house sitting for. Taking a deep breath, I hit 'log in' for the first time in months. I took a break from social meida to give myself time to soul search and not be distracted. I felt lead by God to login. At first I thought it was just a notificaton about one of the many pages I follow, until I realized it was a mesage sent that day. Clicking on it I was surpirsed to see it was from Kolby. It took me reading his message twice and waiting two minutes to finally respond. I was shocked, by this point we had not talked for a couple years. To this day I still have that very first message, along with many more after that.

While a lot has happened in the years we have been together one thing has never changed, our love for each other. We knew how strong our love was then and is to this day. 

Since then we have had so many memories and adventures together. I would not have wanted to share them with anyone else. He is the one I always choose to have by my side, experiencing life with me. Our wedding day has come and passed and I have to say it was perfect to me. Some things went wrong, and some did not even happen. Our day was perfectly ours and that was the biggest gift we were given. 

It is to him that I dedicate this post to, in honor of finally saying 'I do'. 

📸: Kenzee Anders 

IT’S HERE! IT’S HERE! MY BIRTHDAY IS HERE! In the year between turning 23 to 24 I have learned so much about myself and the person I am becoming and, about life and how I am living it that I decided to do another post of 24 things about me. I have compiled a list of favorites, facts, and things I have learned over the year. Before you dive in, I just want to say sorry for having this post so wordy and long but, I just wanted to take the time and truly share with you.

1. Fact. I am a barista for a local coffee shop in my area and through my job I have become a coffee snob. 🙈Due to experimenting a lot on the job I know how different drinks should taste and what it takes to make them. I now have no problem asking for my drink to be remade when it tastes bad {especially at Starbucks} not because their coffee is bad but because machines make all their coffee so it isn’t a hassle to have them remake the drink. We {baristas} can make it look hard to make different drinks but it really is easy to do.

2. Fact. When I get swept up into a really good book series…you will probably have to wait until I’ve finished the entire series to get my full attention back 🙈 I know! I know! Bad of me, right? I am currently reading The Selection series by Kiera Cass and I am in loveeee! 😍I won’t go on about it now but stay on the look out for a couple Whimsicals in the next couple months!

3. Favorite. My favorite foundation is actually a powder foundation by Purr, you can find it at Ulta. I find that it stays on the best through the entire day and is easily touched up when needed. I switched to this brand when the bare minerals powder foundation I had been using was being discontinued. I would recommend giving this foundation a try if you have a hard time keeping liquid foundation on even when you use primer.  I love this foundation so much I went and bought a second one to carry in my purse for touch ups!

4. Fact. I am on the hunt for a great liquid eye liner, preferable a drug store find. I have used the Stila liquid eyeliner called 'Stay All Day' for YEARS but, have never loved that it seems to come off the moment I walk out the door.

5. Favorite. My favorite {milk based} coffee drink is a iced vanilla latte 😋 I always order extra vanilla fyi! It just makes the vanilla stand out that much more!

6. Fact. I love cleaning…. like a lot. I  love watching cleaning videos on Youtube, I get some of the best tips from Clean My Space! I am a bit of a clean freak and like things to always be neat and tidy 😅 my poor honey, I am very lucky that he was raised with a mother who is worse than I am.

7. Fact. I love color themes throughout the rooms in the house and my car. 🙈 Let me explain this one. I love the look when you can walk into a house and see a color theme throughout. I love when it all matches…. including my car. I feel like when there are a bunch of random colors all over then it just looks messy to my eye.

8. Favorite. My favorite lips stick isn’t one of the Urban Decay ones I just got 😱 SHOCKER! It’s actually a matte lip stick I picked up one day while at Target. It’s called Lust for Blush #665 by Maybelline and it’s the perfect natural pink that I have in my collection. It goes on so easily and is so easy to touch up it’s my favorite for work.

9. Favorite. My current go to shirts are these ever so comfortable ones I got randomly when I was walking through JC Penny’s. They are by the brand Stylus and they are the perfect short sleeved scoop neck that you will find.

10. Fact. I go on Pinterest and search for house decor or, office decor and can sit there for hours with coffee and lemon water happily pinning. It’s one of my guilty pleasures that I can waste an entire day doing. Ya’ll I’m addicted!

11. Fact. When I am at home, I take my coffee black…. with a layer of sugar on the bottom. 🙈 Don’t judge! I used to have to drink coffee with a layer of creamer on the bottom so this is a step up. I’m working on it 😂

12. Favorite. I have been using this quick blow drying spray for my hair for about two months now and I absolutely love it! If you would be interested in seeing a review about it, snapchat me with requests! I’m @nicolenikkim 👻

13. Fact. If you read my post a year ago, part of the 23 facts was that I had this huge phone case collection. Once I got a new phone tho… they all had to go bye bye 😥I now only have two phone cases and have no plans in getting more. I have a massive Otter box to protect my phone from me, and a very slim cat case that I put on when I need a slimmer case. I usually keep my Otter box on because I heard rumors the SE is very brittle… and there is no way I want anything to happen to this phone.

14. Fact. I don't drink enough water. This has been something that I have had to learn myself over the past year.... it is extremely important to drink water! No way! But really, I feel a big difference in myself when I drink water constantly compared to when I don't.

15. Favorite. My favorite {water based} coffee drink is an Americano with one pump vanilla, three pumps caramel, and one pump hazelnut {DO NOT LET SOMEONE SAY TRY TOFFEE NUT} and don’t forget a splash of cream! It took me so long to get the right amounts of each flavor to make your taste buds fall in love and I can guarantee that you will love this drink!

16. Fact. I have way too many clothes. Some in my closet still have tags on them and I can honestly say that I don't see myself wearing them in the future.... not just yet. I have the hardest time sorting out my closet but I know I need to give them to a good home.

17. Favorite. I am quickly becoming obsessed with snapchat 👻🙈 For the longest time I avoided it because I didn’t see the point… If there are any of you out there thinking the same thing, hold! The point is to send funny/ silly pictures to people that you may not want being posted for all to see….. like the most ugly faces you only send your bestie. The themes change daily and change you from a maid to a puppy dog in a matter of swipes. I you want to just have a laugh and a quick way to have a video brought to you, then I would suggest getting a snapchat.

18. Fact. I need an alarm clock. Any suggestions tweet me!I have always used my phone and for some reason my body has completely stopped waking up to my phone alarms... which has lead me to wake up in a panic a time or two.

19. Fact. When I have a lot on my mind and, I mean a lot. I will make a timed list of when thing need to be done including when to wake up, get ready, and driving periods. I become overly type A when I am stressed.

20. Favorite. My favorite book series is Harry Potter. To this day I can still read or, listen to the audio books of any Harry Potter book and not be bored. I can do it every day all day.

21. Fact. No matter what happens in life, be it an argument or a serious thing - family will always have your back. They may not all be blood, some may be those you have grown close to over the years. They will though, always have your back and best interest. Don't get caught up in your life to the point where you push them away. You'll regret it. I am most thankful for my family.

22. Fact. As hard as I try to become a morning person, I still find that I get the most done at night. I have been trying to fight this fact for a very long time. Recently though I came to the conclusion - why not just get less sleep in a day and be a night/ morning person. Yup! True thought. 🙈

23. Fact. As you can tell from the post, I use a lot of emojis. What you can't tell is that for the longest time I could not pronounce emoji. I have no clue why but it was just a mess if I tried. Go ahead and laugh, I sure did!

24. Fact. Thinking up actual facts about me is really really hard. Next year I think I’ll just answer a bunch of questions because that is way easier than coming up with things #struggle.

That's it for todays post. Products mentioned above are linked below if I could find them, they are linked to the corresponding number. I hope you enjoyed this little post as a get to know me between the ages. Have a wonderful Sunday!


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