Friday, August 14, 2015

23 Random Facts About Me!

Hi guys! 

I just want to say welcome back! As I am getting back into full time blogging I wanted to take the time and share more about myself so you can know the blogger behind the blog. My goal for this blog is to provide my tips and add my voice into the conversation of organization and lifestyle. I will be truly me with you and hope that you will join in and be truly you. 

1. Other than being in the shower or swimming, I do not like to have my hair wet. I actually absolutely hate it.

2. I have a cat named Luna Mae. Her breed is called a Manx, also known as the dog breed, because they are more like a dog in a cats body. I must say that this is a very true statement. If you follow me on instagram you'll see a lot of her. You will also be seeing posts about her later on.


3. I love anything in miniture form! I really mean anything! I just love miniature items they are something that make me very very happy! Due to my love of miniature items, I have recently been looking into making a miniture garden.

picture from pinterest {link}

4. I am obsessed with phone cases. I have 32 phone cases. When I go out shopping and find a phone case that I just love, I have to have it. I cannot walk away from it. Although I have a lot of phone cases each one fits a mood or event and I do use them all often. A few of my favorites are my Marc by Mar Jacobs one that is tan and has red hearts on it. Another favorite is my black cat one. It reminds me of Luna Mae. The one I am currently using is the one in the middle, with lettering on it. It is my latest purchase, from Juicy.

5. I only really like to drink out of things with a straw. Water bottles, tumblrs,  pop cans, hot coffee with a straw.. the list is endless. I will always use a straw if one is available.  

6.  Organizing is my thing. Obvi from having an organizational section to this blog you have noticed that I love organizing. It's my go to during my free time. I will even watch Youtube videos on organizing... for fun. I find it peaceful. I think its really important to have a go to peaceful activity for everyone in their life. 

7. I'm a college student. No way! Right? lol I am a full time college student and I am actually about to start at a new college and I am nervous. I'll be sharing this new journey more later on the blog. So keep an eye out. 

8.  I am directionally challenged. I do not know street names for the life of me. If I drive somewhere myself and am paying attention I can find my way back but if someone else is driving.. don't expect me to get back there again. My iPhone seriously saves my life often.

9.  I had a mini tweet conversation with my organizational/blogging inspiration Jen Ross, also known as  {twitter @PrettyNeatLivng}. I actually started a blog because of her and her work. She is formerly known as OrganizedJen. I love how open she is about the way she lives her life and what truly makes her happy. If you are interested in her, here is her intro video {link}, check her out.

10. My favorite animal is an elephant and my second favorite is a lady bug. They both have been my favorites since I was a very little girl and have never changed. My room is full of elephant items and I was thrown a lady bug party. 

11.  Fact. I have had empty, brand new picture frames in my room for over a year. I cannot decide which pictures to order because I have so many of my niece and nephew and of Luna Mae that I just love! #whitegirlproblem

12. I am a picky sleeper. I have to have a fan on. At the minimum I have to have it blowing on my face... and yes, I have a mini fan for travel. I have a very hard time traveling due to how picky I am as a sleeper, I usually have to take a sleeping pill. 

13. I am an introvert more than an extrovert. When I am around people {other than my family} too long I tend to get "people-d out" after awhile and need to recharge alone. My favorite way is to grab a table at Starbucks with either my current book, Bible, or computer. 

14. I love Coke. Some could say that I am addicted... and some would include me. Its my drink of choice. 

15. I love baths. I love lighting some candles and grabbing the current book I am reading and just relaxing. While I am taking a bath, Luna Mae usually likes to lay on the ground against the tub and have my company. She hates water getting on her though. 

16. I am a creature of habit. For example, if I am out going to different stores I will go to the same store even if it is out of my way and a longer drive. If it is the one I go to and have gone to, then you can bet that I will always go there. 

17. I am Starbucks loyal. I have never been to any other big brand coffee shop. I will go to the mom and pop shops in towns where I cannot find a Starbucks close by but for the most part, I drink Starbucks if I go out and get coffee.

18.  I love lists. I have multiple lists going at once. I have lists on my phone, planner, and random note pads at all times. It is how I keep track of my thoughts. If I didn't make them, I would forget everything. 

19. When it comes to cold drinks, i'd rather not have ice in them. I prefer having my drinks cold from being in the fridge. 

20. I love smelly stuff. From perfume, room spray, or candles I will use them all at the same time and be one happy girl. They actually put me in a better mood instantly. 

21. I truly believe that when you know, you know. That love can come at any age and it takes maturity to have your eyes opened to be able to see it. 

22. I love Jesus. I am writing this post a few days before my 23rd birthday and decided to write this special fact on my current age. Jesus has always been a big part of my life. He has gotten me through so much and has placed me where I am today. Everything I have is because of Him. 

23. Favorites: Iced Coffee, The Monkey Emoji's, Being In Love, Disney, Thoughtful Text Messages, Harry Potter, Hugs, Country Music, Christmas, Chips and Queso, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Romeos  the shoes, Yoga, Jack Sparrow, The Beach, Guacamole, Coffee Mugs, Football Season, Fire Pits, Cuddling, Taco Bell, 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me. 
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