Friday, August 28, 2015

August Ipsy Unboxing

Hey guys! 

This August I was not at all happy with how the bag looked. The texture feels like a zip bloc bag which is my only problem with it. The pattern is cute and goes with the theme.The contents of this Ipsy bag however were absolutely spot on and I can't wait to share with you! 

August Ipsy

I have a love hate relationship with August. To me August means one step closer to football, leggings and leaves, just a few of my favorite things. It also means school, which was the theme this month for Ipsy.

The goodies : boxed

       The Unboxing! 

This month Ipsy read my mind! They picked the perfect products that I needed/ wanted/ love! All links for the products below are linked at the bottom of the page! 

I am always on the hunt for a good facial mask. This facial mask by OZ Naturals is a hydrating mask which is something I have never tried. I am so excited to be using this on my self care nights. One thing I really love about this product is that it is cruelty free, meaning they don't test on animals. 

I love this lip gloss by Hikari! The last few lip glosses that I have been sent in my Ipsy bag have not been my favorites at all. They didn't last or look right on my lips. This color not only looks great with my skin tone but it also stays! 

I am always having problems with my eyeliner. After an hour or so it seems to always disappear. Not this one! This pencil not only glides easily across your skin, it lasts! This pencil is by doucce cosmetics. They are a company from Germany. This particular shade is in black and works great with my brown eyes! 

I have ever been a fan of the dry shampoo fad that seems to be going on... until now. When I was a little girl my momma taught me the baby powder trick and this is so much better. I used this when I woke up really late and had no time to curl my hair as planned. I gave it a shot and it didn't let me down. This is one I will repurchase in the big bottle form! 

I am always in the market for a face primer. This one by Cover FX is a blemish treatment primer which peaked my interest knowing how hard covering a blemish is on your skin. I found that this product did a great job with keeping makeup on.. I don't know how well it works with the treating of a blemish though. This is one I will have to let you know more about later on. 

Links : 

    OZ Naturals   Hydration Mask
HIKARI   Lip Gloss   
                                        doucce Eye Liner   {No longer in stock, heres a similar liner} 
          batiste Dry Shampoo { Variety of Types} 
                      Cover FX Blemish Treatment Primer

Thank you all so much for reading! 


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