Friday, August 21, 2015

The Organized Woman: School Bag

   As in a previous blog I told you that I am back in school....on Monday! I am a little nervous about that. I am a college student and have been in college for a few years now. For being in school as long as I have been I have learned what are my musts to take to school other than the normal binders and books. This week I am taking you into my school bag for a look into what I find I must take with me daily.

   As it is my school bag I do have some of the normals. I have my paper folder, school information folder, planner, pencil pouch and binder. I find I carry my text book's in hand because I change those out daily depending on the classes that I have.  I do not have to carry a bunch of things with me on Tuesdays and Thursday due to the fact that I am there for only one class. However, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do have a 4 hour chunck of classes. 

   Due to the college campus that I am on I have to carry a back pack. Although they are not always my favorite to carry I really love my Columbia one. As much as I love this bag, it doesn't carry everything I like to have with me at school. Thus being the reason why I bought this cute red bag specifically for school. I don't want to bring my actual everyday purse because I carry different things in each. I just found it easier to have a certain bag specifically for school.

   My back pack holds all the must for me to survive one day of school if I forget my purse, which is unlikely.

1. Pencil Case

2. Planner
3. Eye glasses
4. Back up period pouch (just tamps)
5. Owie Kit - Yes it comes in hand... often.

  My purse carries all the good stuff. The things I really don't want to leave without.

Not All Pouches In Photo Above
1. Makeup bag
2. Main period pouch
3. Mints
4. Sunglasses
5. Constant grab pouch
6. Cell phone charger
7. My extra's pouch.
8. My school wallet
9. My school ID and fitness pass
10. My business cards
11. Tea pouch

   Inside my pencil case. I carry a bit of extra things in my pencil case due to not knowing how I want to take notes or what I may need for class on that particular day.

   There are two things that are always in my pencil case no matter what it's for and that is a Sharpie fine point and a Sharpie pen. I find that they come in handy more often than not. The next's are mini paper note book, small stack of posts its, and a password book. These always are here for emergency. I have so many passwords to remember that keeping them written down is the only way I can remember them. Other than that I have my normal stash of pens and highlighters which are linked below.

   My extras pouch houses a few items but they are ones that I have found to be extremely important. I have eye glass cleaner, floss picks, cuticle cream, a travel cell phone charger, and my favorite throat drops. A few products are linked below.

                                       1. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
                                        2. Ricola Lemmon Mint sugar free 

   My makeup bag is from my ipsy subscription and I absolutely love it! Inside I keep enough to do a full face touch up. I have face powered and blush plus the brushes for them. Then I have tweezers for quick touch ups that I may find on the go. I also have my fave lip color that works for all seasons and my favorite liquid eye liner. My man products are all linked below. 

   The very last pouch to show is my constant grab one. This one has all the things that i grab for the very very most, especially during class. Mostly I need the nail file or meds but the rest linked below are ones I like to freshen up during class at least once.

4. Icy Breeze breath drops (dollar store) 

   I didn't empty all my pouches or photograph them. Let me know if that would be something you all would like to look in. I showed you my main ones that hold the bulk of the contents I bring. I hope this will help some of you have an idea of what to add to your school bags. Stay tuned for more school related posts. Until then, I hope you all have a great start to the new semester!


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