Monday, June 6, 2016

Loving Mondays

We have all heard the quotes and I am probably guilty of retweeting them ‘write your story" or something along those lines. Have you ever stopped to think about who is actually writing your story? Because it sure isn’t you if your living your life Gods way.

God, the savior to us all, has your story written before you were even born. Before moving on, I just want to say that although your life is hand picked by God and he has many things in store for you - He cannot control your choices. If you turn from Him, that is your personal choice. God does not do things to harm us.  He can only wait for you to turn back to Him. This is why making that daily choice to live for God and let Him lead your daily life is extremely important. To be able to make the choice to follow God daily you must get in the word, in His word. The bible is not something to pull out when you go to the odd Sunday church service. It is a tool, rules, life lessons, and wisdom all from God through eye witnesses- showing you how to live a life full of love and grace.

When you spend time in God's word daily you then can recognize when He talk's to you. It's like being able to recognize your parents voices in a big crowd. You have spent so much time with them that you can even hear your momma telling you not to do something when she isn't even around. Being able to recognize God's voice in your life means that you will be able to pick the path and choices that He has laid out before you.


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