Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017 New Years Resolutions

For those of you who have not been following along, I decided that while I wanted to make my normal new years resolutions I did not want to just sit down and make a list. This year I decided I wanted to evaluate what my ideal self would be and to then sit down and make my resolutions based off of what I found. If I could describe 2016 in one word it would be change, my life changed so much during 2016 in ways I honestly wasn't sure were ever going to happen for me. For 2017, I want to make my world authentic. With all the changes - they have lead me to start questioning life in new ways. 

Today is the day, where I am sharing exactly what my 2017 new years resolutions are. 

2017 New Year Resolutions 

  Grow in faith. It's important to me to have a growing relationship with the Lord. I want to be able to hear Him in my every day life and I have learned that if I don't spend time with Him in the morning, I won't hear Him during my day.

 Work Out. I want to be able to have that time to myself and just focus on taking care of this body that God gave me. God's word tells us that we have the holy spirit inside of us. So it's important to to take care of our bodies and honor Him with them.

 Step away. I get caught up in the business of life and forget to focus on what is really important, family. This year I want to work on being able to slow down and step away from things that I don't need to worry about.

Hydrate. I feel like I make this resolution every year and every year I either start off great and end horribly or never start 🙈. At the beginning of 2016 I was doing fantastic with my water intake, until coffee got the better of me. This year I have found a secret weapon in drinking more water. I have always been a sucker for flavored water and finding this made this biggest difference!

 Stop saving the best. I am the worst at this! I catch myself constantly saying "Oh, I can't wear this today. It's too pretty" or "I can't use that, it's too nice."  When in my life will I ever be able to enjoy the nice things if I always want to save them?

 Blogging. I created this blog years ago for multiple reasons, but mostly because I loved designing it.  I have been working on the back end of this blog ever since then and am happy that it has finally launched! I have been waiting for this day to come for a long time. One of my main goals for 2017 is to give myself the time to work on the things I love, like this blog. I blog because I want to be a resource to women who are looking for answers about being organized and living an authentically productive life. I want to create the content that will fully answer your questions on how to do that.

 Read more. Reading brings me out of my world and into the world that I am reading about. It is just about one of the only things that can actually get me to stop thinking about all I have to do and work on in my life and get me to relax. With that said, I haven't touched my book in months and it's a really good one. I want to give myself more time to read my book and enjoy it.

 Sleep / wake cycle. My sleep cycle is a mess! I have the hardest time falling asleep at night and when I finally fall asleep, I wake up through the night tossing and turning. By the time my alarm goes off I am wishing the day was over and it was time to go to bed. I want to consistently get to bed around 9:30 - 10 and be up around 4:30.

Routine. I want to get myself on a night and morning routine. I have found that when I have a set  routine, everything just goes smoothly.

Family. 2016 year brought so much change into my life and one of the biggest transitions for me is going from Musser to Lester.  For 2017 I want to enjoy that transition by spending more quality time with Kolby. One thing he taught me last year was to take a step back and pause. He has one of the most emotional and stressful jobs {in my opinion} and because of that, it is extremely important for us both to spend quality time together.

Plan / Maintain an editorial calendar. Blogging is a lot of fun and it looks easy but planning and creating consistent content is a lot of work. A big goal for me this year is to make sure that I am consistently putting up content for all of you. It's a way I can show you my appreciation and I truly love being able to share with you all.

Balance. This year I want to find balance in my every day life. Between being a barista, school, home, family, and this blog, all while trying to give myself what I need - things become a little unbalanced.

I hope my resolutions spark ideas in your own head about things you want to make your new reality. What are some of your new years resolutions? I'd love to hear!
Best of luck!


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