Monday, January 16, 2017

Loving Mondays

Okay, you have visualized just what you want your ideal self to be at the end of 2017 and you have figured out what you need to do to get there. I find that if you start your days off by checking something off your to do list, the rest of the day follows. Here are my top five productivity tips that will help you get started. 

Productivity Tips

1. Be unavailable during your peak performance hours. 
My peak hours are from 8am - 12pm. It does not matter what task I am doing, if I have started it during those hours then you bet I will focus and get the job done with little distraction. 

2. Plan out your week in advanced.
I take Sunday mornings and plan out my week. I choose Sunday mornings because Sundays are always a day to me that I feel like everything for the week is just clear to me. It gives me time to focus on what needs to be done and then I can enjoy the rest of my weekend with my family. 

3.Wake up earlier.

4. Have a productivity office space. 
You don't even have to have a room to yourself it really could just be a corner in your bedroom that you make yours. When you enter your space though, you just need to make sure it's all focused business. 

5. Go offline. 
For this I will use airplane mode. I use my phone for work a lot so being able to put it on airplane mode stops all the incoming mail and notifications but it still allows me to prep for social media or pictures I want to use for a post.


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