Thursday, January 12, 2017

Small Bathroom Organization

When we were looking around our place before getting it, I didn’t even really look at the bathroom. I peaked in and saw a huge bathroom but, I was more concerned about the bedroom {check back for a future post about that story}. It wasn’t until after we actually got our place that I went into the bathroom and realized that this big space had zero storage. Months later after that initial shocker I am happy to report back that the bathroom is {pretty much} completed!

This bathroom is one of the first rooms we were able to complete. It may have little storage but we were able to find this great set ups that fit our needs. The first is this wicker shelf unit that my dad actually found us. I absolutely love it! After moving in we found out that we did not have a linen closet as we originally thought. Finding this shelf allowed us to have a make shift linen closet. 

Here's an overview of under our sink. As you can see there is zero storage! We needed to find some sort of under sink storage so I headed to target. I chose a couple Sterilite drawers that I could stack, creating a drawer system for us. If you would like to see a detailed post about how I organized with these drawers, leave comment below letting me know. 

As we do have a small bathroom it was important for us to use every inch of the bathroom we could. 
I hope you enjoyed a look into our small bathroom in the new place. 


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