Thursday, January 26, 2017

Whats In my Purse

*All image sources that are not originally my own photos are from the links provided below.* 

I have had my eye on this bag months before getting it. Last December I finally was going to purchase it but, Kolby ended up beating me to it and I got an early Christmas gift. 😍 Yes, I know I am one lucky lady.

Now I would go into detail about the bag but they no longer carry it. I will have similar options linked down below but, for those curious I have the Michael Kors Sutton Large Saffiano bag. I loved how this bag had zip closures so I could zip up my wallet and not have to worry about it falling out.

Being real here, until recently I used to carry so much stuff in my purse that it was actually hard to carry and I would leave my purse in my trunk more times than not. Lately I have been trying really hard to pair things down in my purse to what I actually use. I have cleaned my purse out three times {!} trying to pair down. So how did I finally pair everything down? I made a list. 🙈 I wrote down everything I knew I grabbed for often to start and continued to make a list of things I felt were really important to keep with me on the go. Here are the things that made the list:

My makeup bag is more of a bit of everything I’d actually grab for in my purse bag. I only seem to touch up my face powder and perform but I like to keep mascara in my bag to always give them a pep! The True lemon is the biggest secret's I have for drinking my daily water intake. I have it linked here in case you want to check it out.

If you have read my ‘About’ page, you’ll know that my blog journey hasn’t been an easy one for me. It wasn’t with a lot of support that I started this blog nor continued it.  I make sure to always carry my business cards with me because I feel promoting something that I work so hard at and am proud of, is important. I have a voice and I share my opinions with people, as I think we all should.

My wallet is something special to me. {Yes I know its huge!} I decided on getting the Filo Fax because I was juggling a calendar and wallet for years forgetting one or the other and needing them both at the same time. So far this has been a great duo for me.

tooth care kit {not pictured}

I went to school for dental hygiene before deciding I didn’t want to work in someones mouth all day and switched to HR. Due to studying dental for a couple years I became very OCD when it came to my own routine. I tend to brush my teeth more than just in the morning and at night. I actually like to do it after I eat a meal or have coffee. If my tongue touches my teeth and it isn’t smooth feeling - I’m headed for the bathroom.

umbrella {not pictured}

Here in the PNW we experience all the seasons. As we are headed into more fall and winter seasons it is vital that I carry a umbrella with me at all times because you never know when the rain will hit. I got mine from target one day after I broke my old one.  

I hope you enjoyed a peak into my purse.

Photography by: Kenzee Anders 


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