Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentines Day Gift Guide 2017

Today I thought I would share a little gift guide for any woman in your life this Valentines day. As much as I have picked these items for Valentines day, you could really give me any time and I am sure she would be happy. I always find these gift guides helpful - not just for when you have no idea what to get someone but they always share new products that I end up falling in love with. As much as I am in love with everything I picked, I have to say the Kate Spade Minnie Mouse purse - is probably my favorite!

Life has been so busy lately. I have felt like I am running around in circles and getting no where. Recently I took some time to myself and realized just how much not using my planner makes me disorganized! Thankfully I get to spend a little more time today planning the next couple of weeks.


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