Monday, April 17, 2017

5 Qualities of a Lady

This may just be me, but I think being lady like and having yourself pulled together actually makes you a stronger woman. Now before this starts controversy in the comments - let me explain. It is important to be your true self. My true self is a try to be 'redefined woman' who enjoys the lady aspects of life. 

             A definition of a Lady; a woman of refinement and gentle manners. 

1. Manners. The section of manners can cover more than just “Please” and “Thank you”. It is really important that as we go about our day we realize that we are not the center of this world and we need to acknowledge what someone else has done or will be doing for us. You will get more out of life with a serving heart than a greedy one. Your every day manners represent your character. 
2. Presentable Clothes. You may ask,”Why does what we wear matter?” which is a good question. What we wear matters because it is the first way that we can tell people who we are, how we are feeling, and how we feel about ourselves. 
3. Make an Entrance. When you are entering a room, pause in the door way and glance around the room. This should only take you around 30 seconds but that is all the time you will need the more you practice this. By pausing, you allow yourself time to take in your new surroundings. 
4. Vocabulary. You may be the only person in your group that does not swear and that’s okay. Using your vocabulary you can influence those around you to take a look at themselves as well as, make changes in their own vocabulary. 
5. Keep House. A clean house simply is a reflection of those who live in it. Having a clean house that is in proper running allows you to focus on the life you are living outside of the house and allows you to live your life with more ease. Keep an eye out for a future post all about what an orderly house can do for you. 

   Although I have just covered a couple of the very basics, I want to leave you with a little extra reflection. Etiquette is in no way about the money. It in no way is meant to be another weapon to use against someone else. I think that some may say it is just another way to be a prude to others but true etiquette is not.


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