Monday, April 24, 2017

Put Yourself In A Good Mood

Have you ever been going along on your day to day activities only to have someone or something come occur that just turns your entire day around? I am sure I am not alone on this. I have found that the hardest thing is to snap yourself out of the bad mood. Today I am sharing a couple tips that I have learned along the way. 

1. Change Your Focus. When something comes along and makes my day go from happy to anxious and worrisome - I can not focus on anything else. It is at this point where I stop and analyze what happened. Is this really going to change the life I have? Do I have all the information? No?  Everything is in God’s hands and if you follow Him, you will be following His path for you. 

2. Say “Thank You”. Gratitude is one of the biggest mind changers I have found. I started doing this when I started to feel burned out. As I would go about my day, I would thank God for whatever it was I was doing. How can you be negative when you are looking of the positive? 

3. Acknowledge the issue. If you try and brush the issue under the rug, you are just running from a situation that is never going to go away until you deal with it. 

4. Do Something You Love. Sometimes it’s hard to find the joy in life when you are upset. It happens to us all but, dwelling in the negative will not help in any way. It wont make it go away. It won't change anything. 

5. Music. I blast worship music and enjoy the life God has given me. This goes hand in hand with saying “Thank you.” 

If anything happens this week or has happened I hope that you can find some comfort in these tips as you deal with your own situation. These tips, although not always easy, make a huge difference. The most important thing to remember is by following God, you are on Gods path for your life. 


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