Friday, May 5, 2017

Mothers Day Gift Guide

      I love Spring for so many different reasons but one of the main reasons is for Mothers day. I absolutely love being able to get my mother a special gift to thank her for all her hard work on raising me and my siblings. I know now that mother hood is no easy job and it never ends… not even when we are all grown and gone. Today I have rounded up a variety of gift ideas for our mothers. 

  • I loved adding this pineapple ice tray into todays post because the pineapple is the symbol of southern hospitality. As some of you may know my momma raised me with southern values. The ice tray adds just a little something extra to each drink. I thought this would be perfect during the Spring/ Summer months. 
  • I HAD to add this ‘get carried away’ reusable bag! I just bought a couple of these Kate Spade bags in a different color and quote and I adore them! They are extremely sturdy and who doesn't seem to carry a reusable bag around anymore? My mom has a bag full of them in her truck and seems to forget one when she really needs them. I thought this would be perfect as it folds up neatly into a small roll. 
  • My mom was the one who actually got me started on this Benefit Mascara. It makes your eyes pop! I think due to the price this would make a great small gift for any mother who is into makeup. 
  • I adore this Michael Kors handbag Recently my mother asked me to keep an eye out for a Michael Kors or Kate Spade handbag. She wanted something bigger than what she already has. She may not want to admit this but she carries a lot! I thought the size of this would fit all of her needs while still allowing the zip closure to make sure nothing falls out. 
  • I love the fact that Mule’s are coming back into style! I first saw these and thought of myself 🙊🙈 but as my mother and I have the same taste in shoes I thought she would love these! I sure do! 
  • I am in love with anything from Mackenzie Childs in her back and white checkered collection. So of course I added in a few of my favorite picks! I think if you wanted to do something really special for a mother who cooks a lot - this would be the perfect line. 
  • So my mother in law is a huge Disney fan… like she goes 3-5 times a year! If anyone has any mommas in their life like that, this Mickey Mouse bangle is the perfect accessory for her! The best part is - you can put your birth stone in it! 
  • I decided to add these candles because honestly they are worth their money! 
I hope you found something special for your mother. Order soon! 


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