Thursday, January 25, 2018

My Favorite Cultivating Books

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I am so excited to be writing this post!

I began this journey (that I have yet to find the right name for) about a year ago. I stumbled upon the author Jennifer L. Scott while researching etiquette and she instantly became a favorite of mine. She writes about French living, focussing on how to live your best life. Living your life to the best ability you can and France!? How could I not love her books?

While my journey started well before, into my childhood years, I never found a community that fit my interest and desires. If you love working out, all you have to do is join a gym and your people are all around you. Want to live a passionate life? Finding a community back in 2001 was nearly impossible. As the time/ technology has changed, making it possible for that community to be reached I have found being apart of a said community only makes me more passionate about living my life in this way.

I want to take a moment here and say if you are looking for a community or something that sparks your passion, I will leave links below to what I have found to be passion enhancing for myself. 

Today I am sharing 8 books that I have enjoyed as I am cultivating a life of pleasure. These all range from etiquette, house cleaning, to topic-specific books that have helped me gain knowledge as I create this life.  I have found each book helpful in their own way along my journey and am happy to share them with you.  


Madame Chic Home 

Madame Chic Lessons 

Madame Chic  Poised

Ohh La La! 


Emily Post

The Butler Speaks 

Home Care 

Complete Book of Clean 

Be an Angel Clear That Clutter  

Love the Home you Have 


I wanted to share an extra piece of material into today's blog post. Although these are not books, these show's have given me some sort of insight into a cultivating life that I want to live. While the entire show is not about cultivating a life, I do feel that by watching a particular television program you do begin to internalize some of their behaviors.

Keeping Up Appearances 

When I was a little girl I would watch this show every night with my parents. I would crawl into bed with my mom and try and stay up as late as I could. In my family we would call this show "The Funny Lady" and that is what I knew her as until I found out the show had another name. While this show is a comedy it does show a level of living and striving for a cultivating life.

The Perfect Housewife 

I recently found this show after watching a recommendation video from Jennifer L. Scott. As soon as I started watching I was hooked! There are great tips throughout this show but mostly it makes me want to get up and clean my house. I find I enjoy watching this show while I sort through a box of things that I have had piled up.

I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Jamie Cat Callan author Ooh La La! | Jennifer L. Scott author  | Jennifer L. Scott Youtube | Emily Post Books | Awesome Etiquette Podcast | Complete Book of Clean | The Perfect Housewife DVD (🇺🇸) | Etiquette Pinterest |  At Home with Madame Chic here | Madame Chic Lessons here | Madamce Chic Poised here | Ohh La La! here | Emily Post 19th | The Butler Speaks here | The Complete Book of Clean here | Be an Angel Clear That Clutter here | Love the Home you Have here


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