Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tiger's Quest

If being flown to India and falling for a Tiger/Prince wasn’t enough for Kelsey, try adding in his equally gorgeous brother with a dangerous streak. While picking up the pieces she left behind in India, Kelsey is back in Oregon starting off her new life as a college student. A little wiser from her summer adventure and with some pieces of her heart missing, Kelsey attempts to find happiness without her white tiger. 

Life unfolds quite nicely for Kelsey as she buries herself in the coursework that Mr. Kadam has planned for her all the while slowly gaining her old self-back piece by piece. 

By the time Christmas comes around Kelsey has a great new routine set up and is enjoying her new life. Although she still misses those from her summer, she is finding new happiness. That is until Ren shows up at her foster families front door. Life in Oregon gets complicated quick as Kelsey and Ren figure out how to date each other, while Kelsey dates someone else.  

As Kelsey and Ren deal with their relationship drama, they must continue on with their quest for Durga’s gifts while danger nips at their heels. That is... until Ren is taken. Kelsey finds herself on a quest with Ren’s brother, Kishan in order to save him. Spending more time with Kishan than she ever spent with Ren, will Kelsey's heart remain Ren's? 


This book was just as suspenseful as Tiger’s Curse! Colleen has a way of writing that makes each book as thrilling as the one before in different ways. I enjoyed being able to get to know the man Kishan as more than just Ren’s brother in this book. I also enjoyed being able to know more about the backstory of what happened with Ren and Kishan all those years ago made you understand why Kishan did what he did.

I was would tell anyone who enjoys a love story and adventure to not only read this book but this series. This book uses our world, the Indian culture, and a made-up world pull you into an adventure. As you read you can vividly image each task and every moment. 
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