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Pet Etiquette

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            There are times and circumstances where it would just be easier to give up this lifestyle of cultivating a life of simple pleasures and elegance. For instance, I am sure I am not the only one who sometimes wonders "I could just go out in my pajama pants and walk the dog...". And those times when I have that simple thought come into my mind I think of the shame I would feel if someone recognized me. Always look respectable, even when walking your pet. I can tell you two instances when I had on "laundry day" clothes to run Minnie outside really quick and have run into someone. I immediately wished I had put on something else.  

In order to live a cultivated life, I have found it extremely important to build simple cultivation into my daily life. One way that I practice this is by being mindful while walking Minnie. Now before getting too in-depth about pet etiquette, I want to share about Minnie.  For those of you who follow me on social media, this might explain some of the weird things that she does, that I have posted about.

         Kolby and I rescued Minnie Mouse (full name) a little over a year ago on November 13, 2016, and what a blessing this Schipperke has been. Before we rescued her we were made away that she was coming from a troubled background. We were not aware as to how troubled and that is nothing on the humane society, they had no clue as to what extent it went to. Minnie was abused as a pup by children and other animals. While children have never been an issue for Minnie, one treat and she is their shadow, other animals have been.  Minnie will run away at the sight or even sound of another animal (mostly dogs) but if they get too close, she attacks. My biggest point of pet etiquette is very simple and it is the one thing I wish you would take away from this post. Unless you are in a dog park, please keep your dog on a leash. Because not all dogs are equal. Not every dog want’s a dog best friend. It is also the law in many states.

         This brings me to our next piece of pet etiquette. When you are walking your dog out in public and you come across another dog and owner, keep your dog close while passing and do not approach without asking the owner’s permission. If both parties agree, let the dogs approach each other while keeping a close eye on them. If you are walking your dog and you come across a person walking with no other animals, don’t let your dog approach unless asking permission first. You may know how harmless your dog is to others but you don’t know what has happened in their lives.

         I love taking Minnie out for walks. It not only gets me out but to see her enjoy her walks makes it that much better. While I do enjoy our walks, I don’t enjoy what is left behind from other people enjoying their walks. Yes, I am talking about the unglamorous poo left behind. Pet Etiquette number four: always pick up after your dog. You would think that would be a simple thing for owners to do but alas it seems to be difficult in my area. I carry extra doggy bags for Minnie in my dog walking bag, there is no excuse not to clean up after your dog other than being lazy.

         I am a huge fan of the dog walking bag, especially for those of you who walk your dog for long distances. I also find it useful for carrying extra supplies, like doggy waste bags, for those times when you are not near any.

I created my dog walking bag based on what I have learned I needed through many walks with Minnie. I have the Sherpani Millie cross body bag as my dog walking bag. The print that I have is no longer for sale but they do sell the bag in a variety of colors, all of which could fit around your curated wardrobe. I love this bag! It has so many pockets that I can tuck her waste bags, treats, flashlight, and more into.

  Depending on where you live and the length of time you walk your dog for your needs will vary but here is what I carry in my own dog walking bag:

For Minnie:

Waste Bags

For Me:

Hand Sanitizer Spray
Hair tie
Pepper Spray
Gloves (if not wearing them) 
Cell Phone 

I hope this post has helped you become a more conscious pet owner or enjoy your walks even more with your best friend.

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