Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Our Story

I can't believe I am finally sitting down to write this post. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dreamt of having a husband. You read that right. I dreamt of the husband, not the wedding. I'll admit that some parts of a wedding I have always dreamt of. I have always been a romantic, watching all those mushy gushy movies on hallmark about someone falling in love with their Mr. Forever. I wanted that, a partner that would stick by me through the good and the bad forever. Someone I could build traditions with and a family. When I thought about the perfect love stroy, I always imagined meeting him in college or after, at a social event. My reality wasn't anything I expected and becasue of that, it was so much more of a gift from God. 

 Kolby and I went to high school together. You would have to ask him  when we officially met. I remember seeing him in the halls, he hung out in the same cirlce as I did but we didn't talk to each other much. To me, he was alwasy the good looking baseball player who just so happend to be into fighting fires. One of those guys you have to say the first and last name of. He's still that guy to me, but now he is so much more. Skip ahead a few years later. Kolby is working construction while I am a college student who took some soul searching time after ending a bad relationship #truth. 

  I was on a soul searching journey that went deep. I pourced my heart into God and he listened. If you ever ask me how I know God is real, I'll tell you this same story. One night I was praying and I asked God not to send any man my way until it was the one I would marry. I knew as soon as I prayed that, that I would be tested from this world. I was tested but nothing happened. Not until Kolby came along. It took two weeks from that prayer until God brought my Mr. Forever into my life again. 

 I sat in my aunts house, who I was house sitting for. Taking a deep breath, I hit 'log in' for the first time in months. I took a break from social meida to give myself time to soul search and not be distracted. I felt lead by God to login. At first I thought it was just a notificaton about one of the many pages I follow, until I realized it was a mesage sent that day. Clicking on it I was surpirsed to see it was from Kolby. It took me reading his message twice and waiting two minutes to finally respond. I was shocked, by this point we had not talked for a couple years. To this day I still have that very first message, along with many more after that.

While a lot has happened in the years we have been together one thing has never changed, our love for each other. We knew how strong our love was then and is to this day. 

Since then we have had so many memories and adventures together. I would not have wanted to share them with anyone else. He is the one I always choose to have by my side, experiencing life with me. Our wedding day has come and passed and I have to say it was perfect to me. Some things went wrong, and some did not even happen. Our day was perfectly ours and that was the biggest gift we were given. 

It is to him that I dedicate this post to, in honor of finally saying 'I do'. 

📸: Kenzee Anders 


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