Sunday, April 7, 2019


There is something about adventure books that draws me in, maybe the adventure, maybe the main character falling in love... who knows! Today's post is about a new series I recently discovered and LOVE! You'll recognize the author, Colleen Houck, the author of the Tiger's Curse series that I just fell in love with. If you haven't read the Whimsical's I did on that series, I'll link them here. When I finished Tiger's Curse, I needed a book series with adventure and love. Reawaken gave me just what I wanted! When I first stated reading Reawakened, I was instantly hooked! 

If a story starts off with a girl trying to become a lady and cultivate poise and manners - I am always hooked. This book started with Lillian Young, an up town New Yorker, trying to please her parents with the right friends, clothes, look, college, and manners. She aimed high on all that she did, trying to cultivate herself into the perfect woman. Our two main characters, Lilly and Amon, meet in the Met as Lillian Young slips into the closed Egyptian section for the quiet. Their first meeting did not go over well, nor did the few meetings that followed. Lillian, or Lilly, eventually came to terms with the man that Amon was saying he was. As fast as the wind can turn sand into a sand storm, Lilly and Amon were off on an adventure to track down his brothers before the sun and moon alined. 

The similarity between this book and the Tiger's Curse series, is the base of both stories. Both have the adventure, the love interest, and the love mess. The main differences between the series were the backgrounds of the characters, their end goals, and the settings. If I would have to choose between either series, I would pick Tiger's Curse, hands down. Because I was looking for a similar series to Tiger's Curse, I was not as disappointed as others may be. I would suggest reading this series, if you too, can't get enough of adventure and love.


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