Sunday, April 7, 2019

Whimsical: Recreated

   If you have read any of my other Whimsical’s lately, you’ll know how much I love a story line with adventure and romance. If you haven't and are curious, here are the past Whimsical’s.  Let me just say now, Colleen Houck does not disappoint. Recreated is the second book in the Reawakened series. Recreated is clearly a book by Colleen Houck, as it follows her writing strength of creating this new world and taking her characters on an adventure most would not dare. The imagination that Colleen had to use in order to create this book is outstanding. Recreated takes off where Reawakened left off, with Amon and Lilly separated by worlds. 

   We find Lily Young, a heart broken girl, trying to go back to her every day life in NYC all the while trying to heal a heart that is broken by a death. Her dreams are still filled with Amon and she can sense his pain and suffering in the Netherworld - what we know as hell, but now someone else is in her dreams too. Although Lily has changed, nothing around her has. Her parents still expect their perfect daughter all while getting an emotionally distressed one. In a move to get her parent’s off her back, Lily makes a deal. She’ll go to whatever college they want her to, as long as she can get away and spend the summer with her grandmother. 

   Lily’s summer turns from a busy one on the farm to the hardest quests that she has ever faced. Lily is off on an adventure to save the man she loves from the Netherworld, the only problem is getting there alive herself. That is, if she can recreate herself and convince the gods to help her. 

   While Lily is no longer the Lily we knew, she is still on the same quest to save Amon and bring him back from the netherworld. Accompanied by some surprising friends, Lily battles her way to Amon. Can she make it in time to stop Seth? 

   Ah! I love an adventure packed book and this one was exactly what I was hoping for. In Recreated you meet so many new characters that were hinted at before, all while enjoying some you have already meet. The character build up that Colleen created is amazing, you can picture each god as they are described and get a really sense of what Lily is up against. 
   This book is for anyone who loves an adventure, anyone who is in the process of recreating themselves or their life. This book will transport you to a world that mortals dare not to enter, would you visit the gods? 


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