Welcome to Organized Elegantly, 

I would like to thank you for coming to my little corner of the internet, where I focus on cultivating a lifestyle of intentional living. I first created Organized Elegantly (OE), as a creative outlet back in 2014. Over time as I have changed and found my true passions in life, OE has developed into what you see it as today.


Why did you start your blog? 
I started by blog as an outlet. 
My blogs archives go back as far as June 2014 and that is when I started to post on the blog. Organized Elegantly, the idea and the platform started more towards the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. 

In the beginning (pun intented) I wanted to have a blog that could be my personal hobby, sharing what I love. I took to the blog versus social media accounts because it seemed as if it was more creative and it could be my own. Social media trends go in and out of style and the content on them can be lost forever. So as an escape from the reality going on at the time, I began creating Organized Elegantly. If you go back through the archives (it's embarrassing!) you will see many different versions of the blog. Part of me wishes I kept the embarrassing stuff in order to show you just what it was like to create this blog. I would spend hours researching and planning in order to figure just what Organized Elegantly would be. 

If there is any blogging advice I would give, it would be this. When you are first starting a blog, your niche will change, a lot! If I have learned anything it is to let it change, but let it change into what you are truly passionate about. 

Organized Elegantly would not be where it is today if I did not let my personal growth affect the blog. As I grew into who I really was, the blog was able to grow into what it was meant to be and what you see today is the result.

Why don't you post every day?
I think this is a great question and really lets you (the readers) in on a secret, blogging is time consuming. In order to post, I not only have to have a subject specific for the post, but I have to have enough to say on the subject. This usually means that I have made an outline in order to make sure that my thoughts not only will make sense to you as the reader but that I have included all the information I wish for you to gain. This is a lot of planning. On top of all the planning it takes, not to mention the actual writing, I am also very busy outside of the blog. So while I would love to post more than once a week, right now I just can't. I hope to one day be able to post more. One thing that really does help is if you let me know what type of blog post's you wish to see. So let me know in the comments or on social media what you would like to see on the blog!

How did you get your logo?
I have had three logo's, each fitting the stage of the blog. The first was what I slapped together after starting the blog initially for my personal use, never thinking anyone would see it. People ended up findng my blog so I decided that as I was writing more for public, my blog should reflect that. My logo changed for the second time into a simple script and watercolor pink background. While I loved that logo, overtime my blog grew and changed directions. I soon found that my logo and my life were going in opposite directions. It has taken many drafts and a lot of time but I am very please with my new logo.

Eventually I will do a blog post about blogging. The industry is so big right now and I am constantly learning. While I will never be able to write about everything, I could write about my experience and what I have learned.

What is a Franceophile? 
I did not know this term existed for the longest time! A franceophile is a person who is very fond of France or the French. I can honestly say that if I had known that this term existed, I would have been calling myself a franceophile from a very young age. 

How did you become so interested in the French culture? 
As I said earlier, I became interested in France from a very young age. I don't know exactly where my fondness for France and the french came from but I do remember loving anything to do with Marie Antoinette and the french language. From there I began looking more into the culture of France and the differences between France and America. From there I found different authors who wrote about their experience in France and with the French culture. I became very interested in the way of life in France. 

If you are interested, several books I can recommend are: At Home with Madame Chic, Lessons from Madame Chic, Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic, and Bonjor Happiness. 

What is slow living? 
Slow living, also known as mindful living is an approach to everyday life. Slow living is a way for people to restore balance into their hectic life. In our current social environment it seems as if everything is fast: food, cars, conversations, technology. This idea of getting this fast has been incorporated into our everyday life which increases the demands that are put on us. Technology has played a big role in this. While fast living can at times be handy, like picking up fast food on the way home from work, it usually adds no value. The slow living community has different degrees in which you can be apart of. The impact of slow living is up to you to decided what is best for your life. The goal of slow living is to take the hectic life style that we are accustomed to and to add simple pleasures.

What is minimalism? Are you a minimalist? 
Minimalism is a way of living. The concept of minimalism is simple, to cut down on your material possessions in order to gain more out of life. There is not set amount in which you must cut out or how many items you should own. Instead minimalism will look different to each person, but once you start living minimally I have found it to be a snowball affect where you begin to need less and less.

Minimalism has always been around but was made "popular" when a documentary by The Minimalist came out on Netflix in 2016. Watch the trailer here, in order to see just how powerful the documentary is. For me, the tipping point was realizing that something that I love, and am very happy with could (and did) become a source of dissatisfaction when the new or better came out. That is when I began a lifestyle change.

In my opinion we (the world) have always wanted more of what others have. This goes back to lower classes trying to copy upper class style of fashion, etiquette, enjoyment and homes. Between 1750- 1850 Britain established itself as a leader not only in trade but as a producer of cheap china, furniture, textiles, and machine made furniture. It is from this that in order to separate yourself from lower classes, one had to fill their living room with different things. It could range from china figures, to fake chirping birds, to clocks. Being able to show off all that you had created this mentality that having more = more stuff. We have carried on this mentality for decades and it has become this ingrained part of our everyday lives. 

I would say that I am becoming a minimalist. Breaking the mentality that is common and has been ingrained in us for so long is very hard. I believe that living minimally is a choice that you have to make daily. The more you practice living minimally the easier it is. I find it hardest during the holiday season when you are given gifts. I like to keep the gifts given to me but when they don't always fit our family needs or way of life it can be difficult. Thankfully the people in my life understand and respect my life choice.

When do you post? 
My posting schedule changes as my life needs change. At this point in my life I am getting a weekly blog post up on Wednesdays. If this day changes for some reason and I find that I need to change my posting days, I will of course update you. The announcement most likely will go out through my newsletter and social media outlets. It has always been very important to my that my post are genuine and complete. If for some reason a blog post can't go live on a certain Wednesday, it is easier to let you know over my social media channels.

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What kind of Bible do you use? 
I use the NLT Illustrated Study Bible by Tyndale House. You can buy it here. It is a little pricey but it is worth it.

How did you meet Kolby and how did you get together? 
Kolby and I actually went to high school together and had mutual friends. We began dating in 2014. I wrote a post about our story here.

I hope these questions helped you get to know the woman behind the blog a little bit better. If you have any questions, please feel free to get into contact with me whatever way best fits you. 

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